Saturday, July 22, 2006

21 July 2006

Dear Mr Blair,

Since July 12th, Israel has flown 3000 air sorties into
Lebanon and has decimated the civilian infrastructure in
the name of "fighting terrorism".

The BBC is currently showing bombing of the south of
Lebanon, with bodies everywhere, rows of coffins, 100
people brought to one hospital, mass graves, and many,
many refugees.

Mr Blair, watching you and half of the Labour MPs in
Parliament stand by and refuse to call for a ceasefire --
while Israel massacres innocent civilians and creates
hundreds of thousands of new refugees -- is one of the
most profoundly ugly and utterly amoral things I have ever
had to watch a British Prime Minister do.

Prior to that, the most profoundly ugly and utterly amoral
thing I have ever had to watch a British Prime Minister
do took place two weeks ago, when you stood by and did
nothing as Israel did exactly the same thing in Gaza.

You have not just failed your voters and cast a stain on
the British people as a whole, you have negated humanity

Pick up the phone. Call Olmert. Tell him to stop. And then
distance yourself and your country from this genocidal
Middle Eastern reincarnation of Apartheid that calls
itself "Israel".

Nigel Parry
British Citizen
New York, NY


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