Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ah - the logic!

Terry Roed Larson, the special envoy of the UN to implement 1559 which states that 425 has been implemented, has now acknowledged that there is occupied Lebanese lands.

In other words, the special envoy of the UN to implement UN Resolution 1559 which is based on the full liberation of Lebanese lands from Israeli occupation, now states that there is occupied Lebanese lands.

Do you follow?

UN Resolution 425 (passed 1978) demanded the immediate end to Israeli occupation of Lebanese lands. Due to the resistance (i.e. primarily Hezbollah), Israel withdrew from the majority of the Lebanese lands it had occupied in May 2000. The UN declared - incorrectly - that Israel had withdrawn from all Lebanese lands. False: Israel was still - and remains - occupying the Lebanese Cheba'a Farms. Using the excuse of an end to Israeli occupation in Lebanon, after lobbying by numerous right-wing forces, the UN then passed Resolution 1559 demanding, among other things, the disarmament of all "militias" in Lebanon. Some have interpreted this to mean the disarmament of Hezbollah. Now, the special envoy of the UN to Lebanon - sent to implement 1559 - has stated, acknowledged, that no, Israel continues to occupy Lebanese lands. So, the very basis of a resolution has been acknowledged to be false by the very institution that passed the resolution. Get it?

-Rania Masri


Blogger Daniel Nexon said...

My understanding is that Cheba Farms only became part of Lebanon following the Israeli withdrawal, when Syria (and Lebanon) suddenly declared that Cheba Farms was part of Lebanon rather than Syria. Under both the 1923 Mandate borders and the 1949 Armistice Borders, the Cheba Farms are part of Syria. So, regardless of the other issues at stake here, it seems like rather tortured logic to say that 1559 is not in force.

Is this account wrong? Is there something that the scholarship I've read on the subject misses?

3:14 PM  
Blogger Friends of Lebanon said...

the Shebaa Farms are part of Shebaa Village... hence the name ¨farms¨.

5:06 PM  
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