Saturday, July 29, 2006

Does anyone STILL believe this Israeli war is over 2 soldiers?

17th day of attack and the results are…
A report by the Lebanese Higher Relief Council reported that the number of casualties due to Israel’s continuous bombardment has been grossly underestimated. According to paramedics and emergency response crews, the true number of casualties could near 1,000 deaths. “In Tyre alone we had 125 dead and 150 missing or buried under the rubble”, said Sami Yazbek the head of the Red Cross operations.

The Higher Relief Council official reported that a total of 866,780 Lebanese are displaced; 106,780 are sheltered in 652 schools across Lebanon, 550,000 are sheltered with families, friends, churches, mosques, even public parks, and 210,000 have left to neighboring countries such as Syria, Jordan, Cyprus, and the Gulf area.


Blogger Peterbbb said...

All Lebanese should watch this Hezbollah movie

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you people would get a lot further by stating truthful comments. Hizbollah started this war by attacking Israel’s civilians. Hizbollah fires rockets at Israeli citizens while hiding behind Lebanese citizens, using them as shields. Hizbollah is responsible for all the deaths on both sides. Israel has every right to defend itself like any other country. Israel has over 1 million people forced from their homes (refuges as you call them). You should be saving the world from Hizbollah.

No matter how you feel about it, the truth is:
* If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.
* If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous saveaworld said...

The war is over Hizbollah shooting rockets into civilian populations in Israel (and then invading Israel and killing and taking captive soldiers who were not bothering them) - an act or war and declaration of war.

Here is a tale of a Lebanese woman (video) goto http://

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