Friday, July 21, 2006


I have lost track of the days. Lost track of the hours.

I take a break from the televised news, from the Lebanese newspapers, from the press calls, and from the all important calls to friends and family throughout the country... and scour the english news. (yes, this is the 'break')

here is an excerpt of the news. it also gives a glimpse of the horror we are suffering, some more than others, and the outrage we all feel against the silence of the majority outside of Lebanon

-Rania Masri

Third of Lebanon casualties are children, says UN

Irish Examiner
20 July 2007

Nearly one third of all casualties in the Lebanon-Israel
conflict have been children, according to the United
Nations' emergency relief co-ordinator, Jan Egeland.

Beirut suburbs reduced to rubble

By Charles Levinson
Agence France-Presse
21 July 2006

BEIRUT -- Shoes, photo albums, teddy bears and a cash
register poke through the debris. What were once
eight-storey residential blocks are now rubble. The
devastation in Beirut's southern suburbs is complete, and

Nightmare in South grows worse

By Adnan El-Ghoul
The Daily Star
21 July 2006

TYRE: A Lebanese family of five and two UN personnel
remained buried under the rubble of a two-story building
on Thursday after an Israeli strike Tuesday evening in the
eastern Tyre suburb of al-Hosh. [...]

A UNIFIL rescue team has so far been unable to come to the
aid of the family and the two UN workers, both from Ghana.

In addition, local UN officials said they had yet to
receive confirmation from the Israeli military regarding
assurances of safe passage from their Naquora

Battered Lebanon counts the cost of Israeli onslaught;
Infrastructure damage will cost 'billions of dollars to

By Brian Whitaker in Beirut
The Guardian
21 July 2006,,1825670,00.html

The catastrophic scale of destruction inflicted on
Lebanon's infrastructure and economy by the Israeli
bombardment was becoming apparent yesterday as government
officials released details to the Guardian of the damage
so far. With countless homes wrecked, 55 bridges destroyed
and numerous roads made impassable, factories, hospitals
and airports hit and fuel storage facilities destroyed,
estimates of the reconstruction cost already run into
billions of dollars.

"We are asking for a humanitarian corridor to link Lebanon
with the rest of the world - and a corridor within Lebanon
to bring assistance to most of the villages in the south
which are cut off from the rest of the country," Ms [Nayla]
Mouawad [Social Affairs Minister] said. "They are poor villages and they are lacking

Israel preparing Lebanon ground offensive

Associated Press
21 July 2006

[...]The U.N. estimated that about a half-million people have
been displaced in Lebanon, with 130,000 fleeing to Syria
and about 45,000 believed to be in need of assistance.

Invaders test ground defenses in South

By Leila Hatoum and Mohammed Zaatari
The Daily Star
21 July 2006

BEIRUT: Israel has opened a 60-kilometer front along the
southern Lebanese border, from Naqoura to Majidiyeh, a
Lebanese security source said on Thursday. "This front is
to estimate Hizbullah's retaliation strength on the
ground," the source said. "The fighting zone is inside
Lebanese territory, which the UN itself has marked and
which Israel agrees is Lebanese."



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