Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lebanon has experienced its most intense night of bombardment so far.

Since midnight on Saturday there have been scores of powerful explosions in the southern suburbs. Al-Manar TV station building has been seriously damaged but the station has continued to broadcast. In the Haret Hreik area a number of civilian buildings have been hit. Many refugees from the southern suburbs and the South of Lebanon have moved to schools in Beirut. Many of them are lacking food and blankets.

Infrastructure across the country has been hit. Jiyeh power station has been hit. Masnaa border crossing has been hit. A Lebanese Army base in Batroun was attacked last night. Jounieh port was attacked. The grain silos at Beirut port were reportedly attacked. The lighthouse on the cornice has been destroyed.

There are some roads open to Syria the cost of a taxi to Damascus from Beirut is reportedly $1000. The return journey is $500.

Israel has dropped various propoganda leaflets on Beirut:


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