Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Lines Are Down - in some places in Lebanon

Report from northern Lebanon:

The Israelis have bombed the communication towers in Terbel in the North. Mobile phones are no longer operational here. (I just spoke - via msn - with a friend in the southern district of Beirut. His mobile is still operational)

The television signals are also down here. Specifically, the ECONET cable is down, so all of us with ECONET cable can't get access to TV.

The LBC communication signals have also been bombed.

So: mobile phone lines are no longer operational. TV news can no longer be followed.
We are left with radio. And newspapers.

The lucky homes in the area still have operational land/home lines. (We do here, at the University of Balamand. Some of my friends in Tripoli have operational land lines. Some do not.)

Some how, the internet is still working. Who knows for how long.

Thank you US/France/EU/England for supporting Israel's campaign of destruction. Thank you, most especially, to Rice and company for their refusal to have a ceasefire, for their never-ending hunger for further control, further domination, further imposition of their destructive (to all) policy.

-Rania Masri
El Koura (northern Lebanon), Lebanon

p.s.: Here is the major worry: Now that the Israelis have begun to cut communication lines - now they will really begin (continue) their terrorist assault on the innocents in the South, in Beirut, and in Ba'albeck. Most especially in the South. Scream your outrage to (try to) protect them.

Why else would the Israelis want to cut phone lines and destroy TV lines if not to isolate and create a black-out? And why would they - or anyone - want to create a black-out if not to commit (more) massacres?

p.p.s.: Any one still think this Israeli campaign of desruction is over 2 soldiers? If so, I have ocean-front property in Kansas to sell you.


* I just spoke to someone in the southern disrict of Beirut via msm messenger. He has electricity. He has operational land lines and mobile phones. Quite inspiring, eh? I spoke to Tony, a friend in Bikfaya, and all is operational there as well.


Blogger Tom said...

Please share this video with everyone you know:

Lebanon Israel Facts the Media Isn't Telling You

and please post this video on your blog. You can use the embed code at the YouTube page. I am working hard to get these fact out, the American people need to know these things.

Please post this video on your website. The facts are very important.

2:34 PM  
Blogger Nasrawi said...

Our thoughts are with you. It is odd how the entire world and all its people need to depend on the American administration to decide their fate.

This is sickening. As Nasrallah and others have been saying, maybe the international community is dead.

3:26 PM  
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