Thursday, July 20, 2006

Short conversations


I have received word from an Australian-Lebanese family in Rmayleih. They are trapped. So it seems. There is no evacuation ship from the southern ports of Tyre (Sour) or Saida. The main road to Beirut has been destroyed in two places. Where can they go?

[Update #1: they are now on the road. To Beirut. Taking a very long way.]
[Update #2: The French are evacuating their citizens from Sour. What about the Australians? ... Come to think of it: what about the millions of Lebanese whose only citizenship is to this besieged country?]

"We were at peace"

A colleague stopped by yesterday (to give me the cat of an American who is evacuating - a refugee cat). We talked, naturally, about politics. She said that we were at peace before, we were doing fine before.

Who is the we, I asked her. The south has never been at peace. Since 1948, the city of Nabatiyeh has not had one week of rest from Israeli assault. Not one week of peace since 1948. We in Lebanon have to decide: is the south a part of this country or not? Do we only celebrate the victory of liberation in the south, and turn our eye to the regular Israeli attacks on the south?

We have not been at peace.

This is a not a war of our choosing. This is not a war of Lebanon's choosing. This is a war of Israel's choosing. This is Israel's war on Lebanon - all of Lebanon, Christian and Muslim, city and rural communities, roadways and hospitals, homes and factories, mosques and churches. All of Lebanon.

"We are not targeting civilians!"

In a debate with an Israeli blindly supportive of the Israeli government yesterday, he said that Israel is not killing civilians. It is not intending to kill civilians. It is all a matter of intention.

So, all these hundreds of Lebanese civilians killed -- they have been killed "accidentally." Their homes must have been destroyed by accident, their schools, their hospitals, their churches and mosques, their cars as they try to escape on the roads -- all of these attacks have been unintentional.


So, if with all the military precision that Israel has, if with all the most up-to-date military weaponry supplied (with US taxpayer money) by the country with the most advanced weaponry (US), Israel still continues to "accidentally" kill civilians, hundreds and counting, then perhaps we should all be demanding a disarmament of the state of the Israel. They seem not to know how to use military weapons.

Let’s disarm both sides.
No one-way disarmament should be allowed.

The chicken and the fish in Lebanon are Hezbollah fighters

A fish farm in Hermel has been destroyed.
A chicken farm in Zahle has been targeted and destroyed.

It seems the Israeli army is frightened of Lebanese chicken and Lebanese fish.

They have also attacked a milk factory in Zahle. Yes, Lebanese milk can be quite dangerous as well.

-Rania Masri
El Koura, Lebanon


Blogger mirit said...

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Blogger Rajiv Iyer said...

Israel's actions are a ludicrous over-reaction to a relatively small incident of abduction/capture of 2 Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah. Israel has managed to turn a minor thorn of an issue into a full-blown war now. Its sad and demoralizing to see the entire world being mute spectators at the carnage in Lebanon. If the same carnage had been spelt out in say London or NY, the West would immediately brand it as "terrorism" and relentlessly pursue the perpetrators. This entire mess of a war clearly indicates that the West is blindly and stupidly biased towards Israel. Its true that militias like Hezbollah must be disarmed, but in doing so, if it results in such madness, then its not justified. I feel for the Lebanese people and hope that the world wakes up to the recklessness of Israel and their absolute arrogance in this matter.

Here's wishing peace in the region and I hope and prey that someday, Israelis, Palestinians and Lebanese stand side-by-side in peace and prosperity (although the prospects of such peace looks bleak now)

End this sickening war!

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