Sunday, August 13, 2006

...It is 1984 ...

Okay... The Israeli government agrees to a ceasefire - to start Monday morning.

And in the days hence, what has the Israeli government done?
and Kill again.

I don't understand.

Today alone, the Israeli army destroyed 11 buildings - residential buildings - in the southern district of Beirut. Overly optimistic displaced families - hearing the news of the ceasefire - returned to their homes. They were killed. That was not enough. A hospital was attacked. Intense bombardment in the South. The targets? Civilians. Families. Mothers. Fathers.

Today alone, the Israeli army has destroyed a rubber factory, a paper factory, and a wood-products factory. Are these military targets? We add these destroyed factories to the list of other destroyed factories - including a milk factory.

I don't understand.

There is no military reason for these massacres.
There is only the desire for killing and destroying itself.
Why all this hatred against us?

Forgive me if I'm not being coherent today. There is something intensely illogical that when a government declares there will be a ceasefire, it intensifies the fighting against civilians and against the economic infrastructure before that date. (And there is something quite sad that too many people have come to accept this behavior with outrage.)

The targets that Israel has chosen in this day, this (allegedly) last day before the so-called ceasefire, demonstrate quite clearly the purpose of the Israeli war against Lebanon: to kill and terrorize the Lebanese people, and to weaken the Lebanese economy.

What will it take to cause serious outrage in the world? Do the people killed have to be white?

-Rania Masri


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iran is surrounded by the US and her allies, they are scared, I bet the order for Hezbollah to attack filtered down from Teheran, through Damascus and to all those unemployed farmers kids that have been indoctrinated by Hezbollah. Funny how Syria and Iran fund insurgents on opposite sides in Iraq to try and get the US out of there but gang up on Israel.

Lebanon need to stand together and lobby the EU for aid and help rebuilding, there are loads of unemployed Eastern European kids can build stuff, keep the ceasefire and you can be back on the road in less than 20 years, more like 5 I would say.

If Hezbollah start launching rockets again Israel will attack again. They don't depend on US aid completely, they are signed up in joint projects for new fighter bomber aircraft with both the USA and UK and with Russia and China.

International relations are tense over there, Lebanon are best aiming at EU membership, once Turkey get in Lebanon can follow.

In truth Israel probably don't want Lebanon in the EU. The EU are bogged down in squabbling over common defence policies, the War on Terror and all sorts of trivial stuff all the time. The major players all want European expansion however and EU membership is Lebanons passport to freedom from Israeli agression.

I will not happen overnight, but this is the only way out of the swings and roundabouts of war in the middle east for your country.

10:41 PM  
Blogger francois said...

the kidnapping of the israeli soldiers were a pretext


1:20 AM  
Anonymous Jeff Younger said...

The world has lost sympathy for those who collaborate with Muslim terrorists that seek the eradication of a UN member state, namely Israel.

Lebanon failed to control terrorist elements operating on its own territory --- the usual result of such irresponsibility and weakness is war.

Your pretense of outrage is ridiculous.

Are you equally outraged about Hezbollah's use of civilians as human shields, operating out of uniform, and perfidious battle tactics? I suspect you are not.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Carmel said...

you're right, it's crazy. IDF and Hezbollah got into some ego context who will ruin who first and ASAP before uncle sam will force them to stop. go figuere.

7:57 PM  
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