Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More of the same

In the past few days, we've had more of the same. "More of the same."
* More of our roads destroyed. Friday morning, I awoke to the news that the highway from the North to Beirut was bombed in three places, rendering movement from the North to Beirut difficult. The Civil Defense Forces then closed the sea-road (the longer, older path) on Friday due to fears for people's security. I felt trapped. Trapped out of my capital. Trapped out of my city.
The sea-road has since been opened. The 1 hour drive from the North (specifically, the northern point of El Koura) to Beirut (hamra) took 2 hours on Saturday. But there was a road. As I was driving down, I thought of each bridge I was crossing and noted that if the (US-supported) Israelis were to destroy this bridge, movement would really be crippled. What would I rather - be trapped outside Beirut or trapped inside Beirut?
Since then, other roads, other bridges, have been bombed. Their existence rendered too destructive to the Israeli-sense of security.

* More massacres. More massacres. Do not think only of Qana. Remmber, the Qana massacre was not the first massacre in this US/Israeli war on Lebanon. And the aggressors have made sure that it would not be the last massacre. After Qana, the Israelis gave us the Qaa massacre (in el Beka'a). 33 farm workers, 33 laborers, killed. In broad daylight. In two attacks. One after the other. While they were picking fruit amidst a clear fruit orchard. In northern Lebanon. What excuse will the Israelis use now? There were Hezbollah fighters hiding amidst the trees? These fruits may be eaten by someone who supports the national resistance? What rubbish will be given - has been given - and swallowed by the US mainstream press as the truth? And after the Qaa massacre, the Israelis gave us the Hula massacre in the South. 3 residential buidings destroyed. The number of killed is still unknown. The number trapped in the buildings still ranges from 50 to 70. Are they alive? Are they suffocating? Are they dead? And then the Israelis gave us the Shiyah massacre in Beirut. 200 people have fled from their homes in al Shiyah to join the hundreds of others now seeking shelter in a park in Beirut.

What will the Israelis give us today? What will the Israelis give us tomorrow?

-Rania Masri
El Koura, Lebanon
(still traveling to Beirut)


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