Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What to do?

"What to do?" That is the recurring question.
"I feel helpless, what can I do?"
"What good would any of it do? This war is bigger than any of us."


What we know for a fact is that doing nothing will result in nothing.
Doing something will result in the possibility of a positive change.
A possibility.
Given the assault, the aggression, given the need, a possibility is a rather large re-assurance.

So, what to do?

Previously, I listed funding options. If any of you want a list of where to send your money to agencies doing necessary work on the ground in taking care of the displaced, email me.

What is most critical in the actions that we do is that we do not decontextualize. The 1 in 4 Lebanese that are displaced are displaced as a direct result of the US/Israeli bombs, the US/Israeli attacks.

And there is more.

See: www.solidaritylebanon.org to read about a civilian convoy that is planned to break the isolation of the south and to demonstrate solidarity. Want to join us?

And see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv4Exy7JT1k for video presentations of protests around the world calling on an immediate ceasefire.

And, above all, believe in the power to change.
Perhaps we won't be able to stop the assault, to stop the war. Perhaps.
Perhaps we will.

Perhaps we won't be able to reach out to the almost one million displaced.
But we can definitely reach out to a few.

-Rania Masri


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually they are displaced because of the action of Syria & Iran/ Hezbollah. Why should anyone give money that will most likely just go to their coffers? Besides if this is a US v. Lebanon why should we in the US contribute to our enemies?

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, it's not Syrian, Iranian or Hezbollah bombs that are killing these people. It might be because of provocation by them, but it's the Israeli army with the help from the US (bombs) that are killing and displacing these people. Get the facts straight!!!!!

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your wording, "US/Israeli bombs, the US/Israeli attacks" might put off Americans that may wish to support the causes you list. If you're speaking to politicians I could understand, but your mission here (in this entry) seems to be encouraging people to help Lebanese in grave danger and need.

I will continue to give what I can to a displaced Lebanese woman who was evacuated this past Monday. Sadly, the majority of her family still remain in Lebanon. I'm deeply concerned for their safety but I give no opinion on their decision.

Thank you for reminding us there is much we can do singularly. I will definitely check out your links.

7:03 PM  
Blogger bat020 said...

The truth might put people off, eh. Cheers for that awe-inspiring display of, umm, principled humanitarianism.

One of the links in this article is broken - the convoy website should read www.lebanonsolidarity.org

3:54 PM  
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